7 Methods To Help You Find a Winning Products

Winning Products
  • April 25, 2020

Like many of you, I’m always looking for winning products to scale and increase my profits.

I wanted to share with you the ways my team and I are looking for winning products. These are simple ways, which you should test. And they work.

First of all, a few things to clarify.

When looking for a ‘winning product’ -look for the following:

  • Cheap product cost: The cost at Aliexpress shouldn’t be higher than $10. I prefer it even to be lower than $6. This way when selling the product at a 3x-5x price you’re more likely to be profitable. But, if the product costs more than $10 than you need to sell it for $30+. When prices are higher, You turn away the ‘impulse buyers’. Customers are more likely to compare pricing, research the store, read more reviews, look in Amazon etc.
  • Product with Mass appeal: Look for products which are solving a widespread problem. Don’t focus on small niches. Look for providing instant relief from pain (posture corrector). Or instant improvement of daily problems.
  • Low availability: Not found in stores, new product but solving an old problem.
  • Wow factor: The product and it’s creative (video or image) must be a simple solution. It should Amaze your potential customer.
  • No Variants: Selling a product with different sizing and different colors create two major issues: 1)The customer might be confused or overwhelmed by the different options and decide not to buy. 2)If the color or sizing isn’t as expected the customer might want to exchange or ask for a refund. He didn’t get what he hoped for.
  • Not Technical/ Not Electric: Try avoiding selling products that might break during shipping or stop working after a few uses.

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Don’t mislead your customers and don’t sell shitty products!

🔎Now, let us break down how you can find winning products

Method #1 -Spy on other Dropshipping Stores

Create a list of dropshipping stores and do the following every week:

Enter their ads library on Facebook and see what ads they are running. If you see an ad that has been running for many months now, it’s because it’s selling well.

Enter their websites and see if they have a ‘sales pop’ notification. The ones that say “John from New York Just bought a X (Product name)”. The product mentioned there might be a good idea.

Use the ‘Sort by best selling’

If it’s a Shopify store- paste this after the ending of the domain – /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling This will sort out the products in the store based on the number of sales. Some people block this option in there website- You should block this in your own website as well.

Method #2 -Facebook Search

Search any of the following in the Facebook search (or similar common phrases):

  • Buy now
  • 50% off
  • People are going crazy over this
  • Order here
  • Claim yours now
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Get it now
  • Grab yours now
  • Tag someone that would love this!

Look for video with a large number of views and then start clicking ads. Next step would be checking there ads library. See if those ads are still running and then check out their website as well.

Method #3 -Facebook Feed

Start clicking different dropshipping ads in your news feed.

This way you’re more likely to be targeted more often. Notice if you’re targeted by products with a big number of views.

You can also ask your friends or family to send you any ads that they saw of products that they like.

My mom is targeted very often by dropshippers and she sends me many product ideas. (Love You Mom, Thank you for finding the Winners♥️)

Method #4 -Bigspy Tool

This is an awesome tool which has a free and a paid plan.

You can use the free version to find potential winning products.

Follow the same steps I suggested in the Facebook search method.

Method #5 -Use AliExpress

1-Pick a specific category and sort by amount of orders.

Category ideas: Beauty, Home Decor, Gadgets, Kitchen Tools etc.

2-Search for the word Dropshipping in Aliexpress. Many sellers are listing products that worked well as ‘dropshipping products’

3-Enter Aliexpress stores and sort the products by the number of orders.

4-Send stores questions like “Do you have any product which is selling well lately?” The Store owners want to sell – they’ll be happy to share insights with you.

5-Check the Aliexpress dropshipping centre.

Method #6 -Instagram Method (Not so Powerful but worth checking out)

Click Instagram ads and start following as many stores as possible.

You can also look for specific hashtags #Promo #Discount

✅💰Method #7 -Product Research Tools

These product research tools offer a curation of products.

It’s mostly products that are scraped from Aliexpress, other product research tools or big dropshipping stores.

If you have some money to invest I suggest choosing the cheapest option and use it every week.

These are just a few options.

I hope this helps as many people as possible.

Just want to finish off with a few more recommendations:

After scaling multiple products to 6-7 figures I highly suggest that you avoid shitty products.

If you start seeing good signals, make sure the product is good and you’re not misleading your customers.

You don’t want your account disabled or your store to be taken down.

You don’t want a lot of refunds and Paypal holding your money and generally speaking good business isn’t done by misleading.

Provide good products so you’ll have returning customers.

There is no such thing as a ‘Saturated product’. Any product can be sold with the correct offer to the right market.

See a product is selling well in the US or UK?

Why not translate the product page to German and start selling to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and other German-speaking Countries?

❌Seeing good signals from a product but your’e kind of breaking even or were profitable for the first 3 days and then suddenly you’re ads start dying?

Start optimizing your product page, split test different elements, order the product and take photos of it, start asking customers for testimonials and add them to your product page...

There is a lot to be done, it’s all about becoming a better marketer.

Things are Simple but not Easy.

Follow these methods, Test often and don’t give up!💰

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